A seminar-retreat for purposeful human leadership. Elevate your true potential.

Being human in times of exponential change.

Join our unique and exclusive transformative experience for leaders, emerging leaders and entrepreneurs who want to be purposeful, personal and compassionate and enhance themselves, their people and their organisation towards extraordinary, profitable results and a humane, courageous organisational culture.

If you as a leader feel called, applications are now open for our next 2021 transformative experience September 29 – October 3, 2021 in our unique space in Umbria, Italy: Eremito

Why Exponentially Human

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It is time to human up!

Time has come for leadership to fully cultivate meaning, trust, compassion, wisdom and optimal well-being in this new digital age.

Change is happening exponentially and humanity is calling for new leadership. Human leadership. How can you, as a leader of your life, be relevant in an uncertain future? How can you, as a leader of your life, lead yourself, your people, your organisation towards extraordinary results? How can you, as a leader of your life, develop more mental flexibility?

What positive difference can you make – in your life and the lives of others? How can you as an individual leader better contribute to your community and society?

How much value can you create for a shared future and a life lived to the fullest?

Unlearn management and re-learn being human! Discover your essence and transform into your authentic being. Contribute positively and have a sense of meaning, Feel connected and create the conditions for people to be happy and fulfilled. Spark innovation that serves to better ourselves and our communities.

How to be Exponentially Human

Awareness, Focus, Clarity and Confidence to Act.

Release your limiting beliefs, fears and lack of self-worth, so you can lead your organisations, your life, intentionally.

Honour yourself and embrace your body and breath as instruments to restore, energise and clarify your state of mind.

Discover yourself and let yourself be guided back to your inner core to find your purpose and the positive impact you can bring to others and the world.

Articulate yourself and express your purpose consciously. Set out to lead yourself, your people, your organisation towards extraordinary profitable results.

Activate yourself. Mobilize your purpose through human connectedness – embrace presence and comPassion with the innate desire to contribute only positively to your people and your organisation. With (inner) peace.

The three core aspects of becoming ‘exponentially human’:


Presence – Exceptional leaders generate greater mental effectiveness, so that they can realise more of their potential on both a professional and a personal level.



Purpose – Exceptional leaders thrive with the recognition that all possibilities do exist inside each moment, and inside of each of us, and it’s only from this place of intention, of purpose that we can give birth to (or help birth) that historic idea, that groundbreaking company, that ultimate vision that the physical world may never see coming.



comPassion – Exceptional leaders have positive intentions for others and the ability to understand self/others’ perspectives so as to be a catalyst for supportive (self) action.

Leading with presence, purpose and compassion makes you more human. It personalises you and makes you more than just a title. Having purpose ensures you won’t get lost in the pressures and setbacks of the moment or get hung up on short-term rewards and digital distractions. You’ll live and lead a life intentionally.

“Be purposeful. Be personal. Be compassionate. Be exponentially human.”

What to expect with Exponentially Human

This is not a conference.

Not a business seminar. Nor a traditional workshop.


  • An immersive learning experience dedicated to igniting and embracing your human capacity.
  • An intense human design experience aimed at co-designing possible solutions in how you can manifest your purpose.
  • A community experience that brings together a group of entrepreneurs, established professionals, emerging leaders and career shifters from all industries and  different business contexts, as well as different cultural backgrounds.

A gathering –

of emerging leaders, established professionals, entrepreneurs and career shifters from all industries exploring the context of purpose, sharing personal, transformational and leadership challenges.

A process –

blending intellectual, emotional and intuitive intelligence, using theory and practice with master classes, short lectures and small group formats to actively engage you in self-discovery, deep self-transformation, and emergence through collaboration.

A program –

restoring, energising and clarifying your state of mind that empower you to recharge, refuel, embrace the keys to purposeful human leadership and have you act as a true leader, coming from your own authentic passion for what you want to contribute in this world.

A re.birth –

coming home to peacefulness, nature, body and breath all in the stillness of an extraordinary space, that allows you to explore and come into dialogue with your soul.

Refresh and recharge your goodness, reclaim or refuel your purpose and re-establish your keys to human leadership in theory, practice, context, process, and dynamics. But most importantly in heart, mind and soul.


Practice the art of reflection and conversation to move your soul.

With us.


This is your life experiment. It has nothing to do with a conference, a business seminar, or a traditional workshop. There won’t be any podiums, PowerPoint presentations, or speeches. The process is unusual, the flow is fluid, and the evolution happens in real time. It involves you, your body, your mind and your soul. This is why we won’t have any pre-packaged agenda. It is experiential. It is human.

What other human beings have to say

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Meinhard BennFounder and CEO of SatoshiPay


Michael ConradPresident Berlin School of Creative Leadership


Roxy GuellmeisterArchitect & Design Analyst Specialist Modelling group Foster+Partners

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